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Say hello to my little chicks

The Chicks are here! They came packaged in a nesting filled box with a heating pad underneath.

Half way through dipping beaks! Beak dipping is very important to do when you first get your baby chicks. I set up the lid to the Tupperware bin as a little table.

The official photo booth.

The pink ruler has lines about one inch apart so you can see on a scale how big the chicks are.  Here they are one day old!

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Chick Stress

I was biking home today and thought I heard the distinctive scratching of a chicken. As I parked my bike I started to call the chickens to me, saying “Where’s my girls?”. After a few seconds of nothing I went towards what I thought was a chicken. I ended up face to face with a pack of wild turkeys.
The chicks are coming this week and I have been more nervous than when I was being followed by two curious wild turkeys. So, trying out different methods, I created a list of good (and bad) things to do while waiting for chicks.
1. Over prepare yourself. (double check the double check list)
2. Travel. (distract yourself )
3. Eat chocolate. (call your mind to a happy place)
4. Over prepare the unlikely. (what will you do if one of the chicks is blind?)
5. Clean. (like a bird readying a nest)
6. Make sure everything is organic. (no toxins near our babies!)
7. Drink hot soothing drinks. ( tea is good for the soul and opens the mind)
8. Turn on the heat lamp. (never know when you might need it)
9. Sit by the phone waiting for the call from the post office.




She helps Mom with the gardening.


She begs to be picked up.


She is the only one of our chickens growing a beard.


Congrates to Sandy for winning Top Personality of the month of March

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Smells Like Wet Dogs

I rained buckets yesterday. By the time I put the chickens in they were soaked to the bone. So, as I usually do , I towel dried them so they didn’t freeze to death (my mom says im the only one in the world that would ever do this). One by one I dried them. Nina tolerated it,Gracie tried to get away and Didi sang to me happily.

But for some reason, while I was drying the others, Sandy started crying very loud like she was calling to them. I dried her and she almost fell asleep in my arm,but, after she kept crying and then went over to the nesting boxes and laid and egg! And that actually tells us that she is the bottom of the pecking order because the others don’t let her lay her egg in the morning!


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Raising Backyard Chickens

Owning pet Chickens 4h presetation

I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

Normally I would be talking along with the slides but I just want you to have the basic idea.

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Baby Chicks!!

It’s that time of year again! The baby chicks are coming. I have already ordered  six chickens. Three Australorps and three Laced Wyandottes (I hope I spell that right). The Australorp and The Silver Laced Wyandotte are both multipurpose birds that are very docile and known for their egg production.  This year I am going to blog twice a week when the chicks come so you can follow along with our new members. This is my first time ordering from MyPetChicken so well see how that works out. You can expect my first post the first week of April. Until then cheek up with me and the girls for are weekly adventures!

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It’s spring through the snow

Even though the snow is still here the girls can tell its spring. The birds are singing a different song. And, the chickens are much more active when I let the out.The temperatures are warmer and during the day the sun shine onto the sparkly plume of snow.

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What dose snow become when it melts?

     Now that the snow is melting the best thing to do for your girls (and boys) is encourage them to get out and start pecking and really wake them up from their winter blues. I do this by not giving them any scraps or cracked corn all day (as hard as it is) and just let them run around. Then hopefully they will come out from under their sheltered porch and peck at the left over snow.

 But our girls are stubborn and I had to use food to persuade them to come out into the wet  “disgusting” grass.




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Stuck in the coop

   The chickens have not been happy about the below 23 degrees weather outside. Every time I try to let the out but, they just sit in a huddle shivering. So they are stuck in the coop which hasn’t made the happy either. All they have is food and meal worms to occupy themselves.














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Christmas chickens


Me and Didi cuddling. She’s a big sweetie.


“Hey we want presents too!”

  The Chickens’ first Christmas with us. They got three pounds of meal worms; that made them very happy. Though Sandy thought I was trying to poison her. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you.

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