Luhu's Adventures

This Year

on August 19, 2013

I think I can no longer consider the chicks, chicks now that someone is laying. As tiny as the eggs are their still eggs. So as an act of official ,part of the coop ,chickens I’m going to reintroduce all of the chickens. This is also to clear any confusion about who’s who.

Starting with the 2012 chickens

This is Didi, she is the last white chicken. Didi has had a ruff year trying to prove herself better than Nina.

Nina is the leader of the gang. She lays the biggest eggs ,but ,because of that she has very misshaped eggs.Nina has very orange feathers.

Gracie is the very quite, she always seem to be in lala land.She has beautiful white speckles all over.

Now to the 2013 CHICKENS (I’m never gonna get used to that)

This is Hermia ,she has a unique feature ,she has a single comb instead of a rose comb. She Is the sweetest, so far and she’s the bravest up against the big chickens.

This is Schmidt. She was named after Sophie Schmidt of Sky Blue and the Canadian national team (woman’s soccer). Schmidt is the shyest chicken but since we got rid of Hercules her shyness is melting away.

Lastly, this is Muffy. She is absolutely gorgeous. Besides from the rose comb and feathers she has a flurry of white feathers overlapping on her chest.

So welcome the 2013 CHICKENS to the coop.


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