Luhu's Adventures

Chicks first egg!!

on August 18, 2013

One if the chicks laid an egg today!!! We’re so exited that the girls are gonna start laying!! Its to bad that we’re getting rid of Hercules and Girlfriend today. It would be a shame if she is the one laying.


I also want to add that we lost Daphne to the coyote. I now have the chickens locked up 24/7. We’re planing on building a run. I kind of blame Hercules for not doing his job and protecting our chicks. But it’s my fault for not being more protective of the girls when we lost Sandy.


One response to “Chicks first egg!!

  1. beth says:

    So glad the young ladies have started laying eggs for you! Sorry about Daphne… I know you loved to let them run free, but now that the Coyote knows where the friendly chickens are, he/she will keep coming back….. best to coop them up so they can be safe.

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