Luhu's Adventures

No more mister nice guy

on August 5, 2013

A few weeks ago we brought Hercules and his girlfriend daphne to a friends house hoping she would take him off our hands. Sadly Hercules lived up to his name. This friend had a small polish rooster names Mardi Gras.

When the two met we expected Hercules to back down and bow to Mardi. But Hercules (who was already bigger than Mardi ) started a full out fight . The owner then said that she could not take our rooster if he was going to beat up poor Mardi Gras.

I then decide to separate Hercules from the other girls. But, wall I was at a sleepover someone let him back in with the girls. When I went to get him back in his own cage he attacked me.

Everyone is telling me to kill him and possibly eat him. We’ve even had an offer from a friend (who ended up with 4 roosters ) to switch our roosters and do the dirty work for each other. As much as I hate Hercules I still want the best for him.


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