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This Year

I think I can no longer consider the chicks, chicks now that someone is laying. As tiny as the eggs are their still eggs. So as an act of official ,part of the coop ,chickens I’m going to reintroduce all of the chickens. This is also to clear any confusion about who’s who.

Starting with the 2012 chickens

This is Didi, she is the last white chicken. Didi has had a ruff year trying to prove herself better than Nina.

Nina is the leader of the gang. She lays the biggest eggs ,but ,because of that she has very misshaped eggs.Nina has very orange feathers.

Gracie is the very quite, she always seem to be in lala land.She has beautiful white speckles all over.

Now to the 2013 CHICKENS (I’m never gonna get used to that)

This is Hermia ,she has a unique feature ,she has a single comb instead of a rose comb. She Is the sweetest, so far and she’s the bravest up against the big chickens.

This is Schmidt. She was named after Sophie Schmidt of Sky Blue and the Canadian national team (woman’s soccer). Schmidt is the shyest chicken but since we got rid of Hercules her shyness is melting away.

Lastly, this is Muffy. She is absolutely gorgeous. Besides from the rose comb and feathers she has a flurry of white feathers overlapping on her chest.

So welcome the 2013 CHICKENS to the coop.

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Chicks first egg!!

One if the chicks laid an egg today!!! We’re so exited that the girls are gonna start laying!! Its to bad that we’re getting rid of Hercules and Girlfriend today. It would be a shame if she is the one laying.


I also want to add that we lost Daphne to the coyote. I now have the chickens locked up 24/7. We’re planing on building a run. I kind of blame Hercules for not doing his job and protecting our chicks. But it’s my fault for not being more protective of the girls when we lost Sandy.

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The chickens we cared for part one

I was recently told that city chickens have started to be abandoned. If you look back at other popular trends such as miniature pigs you’ll find the same thing.

Many of the same things that happened then are happening now, mainly because the animal has been false advertised or the owner didn’t do their research.

Like did you know that chickens stop laying after a few years? And yes, chickens do poop and it smells.

Research also shows that more order mistake (like Hercules) are becoming more common. So combined with the lack of information, the order mistakes, and the non laying chickens all being abandoned, you have a ton of chickens that no one really knows what to do with.

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R.I.P Sandy

We lost Sandy to a coyote this week.

Sandy was my favorite chicken. She wasn’t our best layer or high in the pecking order. But I still loved her. She had the most human personality out of all and a sweet temperament to go along. She would follow Mom and Me around the yard as we weeded. And always begged for cuddles and didn’t protest against annoying cousins chasing her.


R.I.P Sandy,
Forever in our hearts
Forever in mine


No more mister nice guy

A few weeks ago we brought Hercules and his girlfriend daphne to a friends house hoping she would take him off our hands. Sadly Hercules lived up to his name. This friend had a small polish rooster names Mardi Gras.

When the two met we expected Hercules to back down and bow to Mardi. But Hercules (who was already bigger than Mardi ) started a full out fight . The owner then said that she could not take our rooster if he was going to beat up poor Mardi Gras.

I then decide to separate Hercules from the other girls. But, wall I was at a sleepover someone let him back in with the girls. When I went to get him back in his own cage he attacked me.

Everyone is telling me to kill him and possibly eat him. We’ve even had an offer from a friend (who ended up with 4 roosters ) to switch our roosters and do the dirty work for each other. As much as I hate Hercules I still want the best for him.

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