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Training Hercules

Our rooster, now named Hercules, has started to crow constantly. At first it was cute.Then, it was just annoying.

For the past 2 months we’ve been trying to find a new home for Hercules and one of the chicks ( can’t decide who yet) . No one has taken him yet but 5 flyers and a trip to the poultry show at the fair left us with hopefulness that SOMEONE will adopt him. But I still have to worry about my reputation, so I’ve put Hercules under my special training.

( Basically “training” is teaching a chicken that people , and being held, equals food)

I really want to get rid of Hercules now because we just adjusted the little chicks to sleeping in the big coop and he’s holding back the integration. If we don’t get rid of him soon I’m probably going to separate him from the girls so he does not become protective.

Also I have a name update Sophie (golden laced) is now Schmidt because My older sister has adopted her as her favorite chick and decided to name her after Sophie Schmidt from Sky Blue woman’s soccer team.

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