Luhu's Adventures

Chick Stress

on April 6, 2013

I was biking home today and thought I heard the distinctive scratching of a chicken. As I parked my bike I started to call the chickens to me, saying “Where’s my girls?”. After a few seconds of nothing I went towards what I thought was a chicken. I ended up face to face with a pack of wild turkeys.
The chicks are coming this week and I have been more nervous than when I was being followed by two curious wild turkeys. So, trying out different methods, I created a list of good (and bad) things to do while waiting for chicks.
1. Over prepare yourself. (double check the double check list)
2. Travel. (distract yourself )
3. Eat chocolate. (call your mind to a happy place)
4. Over prepare the unlikely. (what will you do if one of the chicks is blind?)
5. Clean. (like a bird readying a nest)
6. Make sure everything is organic. (no toxins near our babies!)
7. Drink hot soothing drinks. ( tea is good for the soul and opens the mind)
8. Turn on the heat lamp. (never know when you might need it)
9. Sit by the phone waiting for the call from the post office.


2 responses to “Chick Stress

  1. Your weather sounds like mine! Isn’t it a pain when it is so cold and the girls have to locked in? Mine are starting to enjoy the spring temps.

    • luhu123 says:

      We put our chicken coop under our porch,so we let them out almost every day. Though they usually end up sitting in the coop anyway. Its just nice to give them a little elbow room. Yet, with all the snow gone they do seem happier and less frozen.

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