Luhu's Adventures



She helps Mom with the gardening.


She begs to be picked up.


She is the only one of our chickens growing a beard.


Congrates to Sandy for winning Top Personality of the month of March

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Smells Like Wet Dogs

I rained buckets yesterday. By the time I put the chickens in they were soaked to the bone. So, as I usually do , I towel dried them so they didn’t freeze to death (my mom says im the only one in the world that would ever do this). One by one I dried them. Nina tolerated it,Gracie tried to get away and Didi sang to me happily.

But for some reason, while I was drying the others, Sandy started crying very loud like she was calling to them. I dried her and she almost fell asleep in my arm,but, after she kept crying and then went over to the nesting boxes and laid and egg! And that actually tells us that she is the bottom of the pecking order because the others don’t let her lay her egg in the morning!


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Raising Backyard Chickens

Owning pet Chickens 4h presetation

I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

Normally I would be talking along with the slides but I just want you to have the basic idea.

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