Luhu's Adventures

Baby Chicks!!

It’s that time of year again! The baby chicks are coming. I have already ordered¬† six chickens. Three Australorps and three Laced Wyandottes (I hope I spell that right). The Australorp and The Silver Laced Wyandotte are both multipurpose birds that are very docile and known for their egg production.¬† This year I am going to blog twice a week when the chicks come so you can follow along with our new members. This is my first time ordering from MyPetChicken so well see how that works out. You can expect my first post the first week of April. Until then cheek up with me and the girls for are weekly adventures!

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It’s spring through the snow

Even though the snow is still here the girls can tell its spring. The birds are singing a different song. And, the chickens are much more active when I let the out.The temperatures are warmer and during the day the sun shine onto the sparkly plume of snow.

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