Luhu's Adventures

A late Halloween scare

on December 17, 2012

 We had two (small) scares this week. two dogs and one falcon.

   On Wednesday our neighbor’s dogs got loose and went after Nina and she ran to the house and sat in the cat door screaming until I went to help. Well I go outside and there is a playful beagle on my porch.So i went after him and his owner came down the driveway with her other dog looking for him. There were feathers all over the porch but no Nina. Turns out he went after all the chickens except Didi. I went looking for the other chickens while mom helped our neighbor bring the dogs home. As soon as i got to the road the other dog got loose and went after Sandy. After a few seconds of circling she laid down in surrender but the dog stopped like “what do i do now”? So i took her back to the house where,in the mud room, I found chicken legs sticking out of the shoe cubbey. Nina had stuck herself in there for safety. Well I got her out and put them in the coop. Didi showed up later not knowing what happened. We found Gracie, finally, in my neighbor’s yard.She had been with Sandy when the other dog chased and fled for her life.

  The falcon came again this week too but i threw some rocks at it and sacred it off. I built a chicken carrier and have Sandy in training to sit in it properly. I’m very excited for Christmas, it’s my first one with the girls. But I hope you all have a good holiday season no matter what traditions you have.



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