Luhu's Adventures

getting ready for winter.

on October 14, 2012

So I’ve  decided to name this week time to get ready for winter week. Because up here in NY we have no idea when the snow will come and how hard it will come. So yesterday I started with cleaning the coop. I did the regular throw away the bedding and the nesting boxes. Then, I scraped up the poop dried up at the bottom and struggled to clean the corners. After, I started sweeping away the dust, and because of the dust I ended here writing with a sore throat. Then, I sprayed for mites (my own salt and pepper recipe). Next I cleaned out the food and water with dish soap and water. following that, I re-bedded the coop. Finally, I refilled the, now dry, feeder and water and put the chickens to bed. Later I remembered I had no food today!!! And I hope sometime this week we can move the coop without another disaster.

the disaster early this summer when i tried to move the 700 pound coop by myself


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