Luhu's Adventures


on October 9, 2012

I guess you have  realized by know that in my last post  that i said i only have 4 chickens,  which is true we lost 2 chickens Ester and Jenny to a group of coyotes. But at first we thought it was that stupid falcon that keeps attacking the chickens. But falcons can’t carry chickens away to eat them and our chickens were carried away. Then one day we saw the coyote and knew that was what ate our chickens.


2 responses to “predators

  1. No matter what your type predators suck. Now to figure out way to convince the coyote that someone else’s place is easier pickings and to leave you alone.

    • luhu123 says:

      We have a dog that is afraid of the chickens cause they pick on him. But when the girls are out, we cox him near the coop. We also use our neighbor’s kitty litter.

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