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Where’d They Go!

The other day before the hurricane  i was going to put the chickens in but they were nowhere in the yard. And i have realized that they have been moving farther then normal. I looked everywhere for them but could not find them. After a while of not finding them i asked mom to help she said lets check up by the road. And we did and when i got up their i heard the scratch scratch scratch pause sound of the chickens looking though leaves in the woods. But they weren’t in our woods they were in our neighbor across the streets woods!!! We got them back in the coop without our neighbor realizing and all well it ends well right!!

The chickens were freaked out by the hurricane they cried until it died off last night.

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Blue Jay No No NOOOOO!!!

So yesterday when I let the chickens out, it was normal. But when my mom was gardening she saw them under the bird feeder. A little while later a Blue Jay came to the ground and  started to eat some seed. As soon as the chickens saw him they  ran after him like knights in a jousting competition . Because their were four of them a one blue jay the chickens won.

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getting ready for winter.

So I’ve  decided to name this week time to get ready for winter week. Because up here in NY we have no idea when the snow will come and how hard it will come. So yesterday I started with cleaning the coop. I did the regular throw away the bedding and the nesting boxes. Then, I scraped up the poop dried up at the bottom and struggled to clean the corners. After, I started sweeping away the dust, and because of the dust I ended here writing with a sore throat. Then, I sprayed for mites (my own salt and pepper recipe). Next I cleaned out the food and water with dish soap and water. following that, I re-bedded the coop. Finally, I refilled the, now dry, feeder and water and put the chickens to bed. Later I remembered I had no food today!!! And I hope sometime this week we can move the coop without another disaster.

the disaster early this summer when i tried to move the 700 pound coop by myself

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 Today I had a bag of moldy bread  for the chickens so when I put them outside I gave them some as a treat. But sure enough 5 minutes later I have 4 chickens crying at my door. So i gave them some more and they came back for more and more. Pretty soon i was out of bread. I’m sure the chickens are going to get fat. I’m such spoiler.


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picture catchup

so I haven’t been posting many photos because their all on my moms phone. But today I e-mailed them to myself and will post them here alot are out of date but I felt like you might want to see them.

when we first go the chickens i would take them out on top of their cage, grab a book and read with my feet up one the screen. they started to sit on my feet

the chickens first weeks outside. they clung to any human they saw. They still do.

the chicken coop in work.

first time trying to move the coop and i almost got squshed

estar a few days before the attack

the black bear that came into our yard.

Nina a few days ago

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I guess you have  realized by know that in my last post  that i said i only have 4 chickens,  which is true we lost 2 chickens Ester and Jenny to a group of coyotes. But at first we thought it was that stupid falcon that keeps attacking the chickens. But falcons can’t carry chickens away to eat them and our chickens were carried away. Then one day we saw the coyote and knew that was what ate our chickens.


Super Jumbo!!!!!!

In the past few months the girls have been laying eggs. At first it was just Nina laying but then the other girls caught up. Know all four girls are laying. But every few weeks Nina wouldn’t lay one day and we would get a huge double yoker the next day! One day I decided to weigh all their eggs. Gracie’s was a nice 63 grams, Sandy and Didi’s both were 64 and 54 grams, and Nina’s regular egg was a jumbo of 65!!! So out of curiosity I weighed one of her big eggs and it was a shocking 83 grams!!!

Here is a chart to show a perspective

peewee: 35 grams

small: 43 grams

medium: 50 grams

large: 57 grams

x large: 64 grams

Jumbo: 70 grams

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