Luhu's Adventures

Chicken coop

on June 2, 2012

this week-end we have to at least  start our chicken coop it is still a pill of wood!!!! The chickens are getting more jumpy. And even the half an hour of supervised free range doesn’t help much any more .Their  getting so big they can’t fit that rabbit hutch much longer.

They are the sweetest chickens I have ever met even though they don’t jump in my lap. They like being held and loved. Yesterday I took Ester to my piano teachers house she was so good. Even though she didn’t like sitting on my lap the way there.

I hope that they will always be with us. The last chickens we had were three mouths old when we gave them to my uncle. Then two got eaten by a skunk and 3 got sold to his friend.

If your building your chicken coop right now I would add chicken wire to the bottom of the run. Or else it is a chicken buffet.


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