Luhu's Adventures

Another day in the coop…… well supply bin

on April 25, 2012

Today when I got home from school I went and let the chicks out onto their wired run . I ran about giving them new food and water while they tried to show of and attempted to get a high-ranking in the flock . When I returned they were all asleep! So I put them back in there bin and got down to business. One by one I took them out and did the hardest part holding them.

da da da.

Since the girls are now officially teenagers like humans they are much less affectionate. So I have been trying very hard to get them more aware of being held as a good thing .

Jenny was first she is the easiest.She calmed down right away.

Next Esther she is large and in charge but with patience she calmed down.

Then Gracie  a bit tough.

Then Sandy? (i always get her confused with Esther.)

Nina, tricky yet a softy.

Then,last and hardest, Didi she is my smallest and loudest pick her up and she screams like a freight train. With much struggle I almost gave up.

Then, I I let her go and she went forward like she wanted to perch but after wrapping her claws around me she went into resting position and i petted her for a good three minutes.

                                           even thought birds can’t communicate if you listen their thoughts will slip through


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