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Hey guess what?

Our chickens are now three weeks old meaning there almost at the end of their chicks too pullets cycle. I’m going to cry at the moment I look  at pictures of them as chicks.


We have noticed that the chicks are going through weird phases. at certain times of the day and night they will all of a sudden perk up and start to run around.

and it’s always around the same time! if they keep this up I’ll have to start taking away their food and water away at that time (playing causes them to Knock over food/water.


They are almost full grown! I remember last time when they grew up. And then because dad did not build a coop they ended up in the garage and then to my uncles were only one lives there now (2-3 sold too their friend. two R.I.P I hate skunks now)This time we are prepared(hopefully? ).

Sometimes we have to sacrifice things for love. For me it was two years and all my free time researching ( the things we do for love)


some quotes for you

everything must die nothing can live forever

A pets peace

I have left you now

but please don’t be sad

you gave me all the love you had

you did so much for me in my time here

and I’ll always hold those precious times near

I know someday you’ll find love again

and into your life will come a new friend

your heart will heal though you’ll never forget

the memories of when we first met.

Memories are wonderful, so keep them close

and remember all the good times the most

Up in heaven  for animals I’ll be and someday in the future,each other we will see

I’m at peace now, so please don’t be sad

you gave me all the love you had


My friend gave this ,on a note card, to me so I have no idea who wrote it.


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photos that i promised

one,two,three,four can i have a little more?

my three red sex linked chicks and obviously Gracie(my chicken) couldn’t sit still for a second.



Apr 25

Another day in the coop…… well supply bin

Today when I got home from school I went and let the chicks out onto their wired run . I ran about giving them new food and water while they tried to show of and attempted to get a high-ranking in the flock . When I returned they were all asleep! So I put them back in there bin and got down to business. One by one I took them out and did the hardest part holding them.

da da da.

Since the girls are now officially teenagers like humans they are much less affectionate. So I have been trying very hard to get them more aware of being held as a good thing .

Jenny was first she is the easiest.She calmed down right away.

Next Esther she is large and in charge but with patience she calmed down.

Then Gracie  a bit tough.

Then Sandy? (i always get her confused with Esther.)

Nina, tricky yet a softy.

Then,last and hardest, Didi she is my smallest and loudest pick her up and she screams like a freight train. With much struggle I almost gave up.

Then, I I let her go and she went forward like she wanted to perch but after wrapping her claws around me she went into resting position and i petted her for a good three minutes.

                                           even thought birds can’t communicate if you listen their thoughts will slip through

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Apr 22

New home!!!

Today is an big day here.  I am still working on a photo gallery. this wen. the girls will be 3 weeks old and we are expecting a big  growth spurt .

❤ Adventure


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Apr 21


yea….. i know why would anyone get chickens ? Answer: because there totally amazing and amusing!!!!! our girls are 2 weeks old know so I will get you on track.

there are six chickens.

two are going to a good friend because of minimum buying.

they are amazing.

oh and I will post pictures of them if that’s what you’re wondering.

(i totally just killed that blog!)

❤ Adventure


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Apr 21

hello world

i am a middle school and got my siren to start a blog from a fellow student (though i have no idea who he is) who made the blog mysocallededucation. i hope you in joy.

  you never know about something until you try

❤ Adventure




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